Natural Touch

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Project Information

Kronospan have launched a new range of wood decors called Natural Touch, which emulate the appearance of natural wood down to the grain patterns and texture. To show how versatile this material can be we designed and visualised these beautiful images to appeal to Kronospans design led consumer base.

What We Were Asked To Do

Create some conceptual spaces which allow the natural wood effects to shine through.

What We Did

The lush planting contrasts with the hard industrial materials to create a sensuous, tactile environment which the natural touch wood panels fit gracefully into.
All fixed furniture and sets were designed completely from scratch then brought to life by our talented CGI team.
As ever the need to emulate reality is a necessity and the devil is in the detail here. The contemporary designs don’t allow much room for decoration so fine details like rivets and split lines were employed throughout to make sure the images stand up to photography when printed and viewed at high resolution.

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Project Credits

Design > Nick Smith |
Modelling > Nick Smith | Mark Hunter | Martins Zeme |
Materials / textures > Nick Smith | Mark Hunter |
Lighting > Nick Smith |
Compositing > Nick Smith | Matt Fell | Richard Benson |

Design & Development