Wren Kitchens 2018

(Design - Image)

Project Information

Five awesome kitchen projects we’ve designed and produced for Wren in the later part of 2018.

What We Were Asked To Do

Create a series of stills and moving images for Wren’s latest colour ranges, whilst also providing a richer media experience for their customers by creating feature animations.

What We Did

We planned and styled each design concentrating on shots that exhibit the features of the kitchen design and woodgrain textures of the cabinets. Two of the designs incorporate movement in addition to the still images with an animation tracking along the kitchen units. Adding simple details like the steaming pan ensured that the room wasn’t lacking character with such subtle movement in the animation.

We tried to keep the lighting as natural as possible but the interiors with darker colour palettes required a more complex CG lighting setup. We used a combination of the under unit lighting and natural light to add depth to these images.

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Project Credits

Interior Design & Styling – Tanya |
Modelling – Rich Ip | Darren | Sam | Harry | Jordan |
Materials / textures – Rich Ip | Darren | Sam | Harry | Jordan |
Lighting – Darren |
Compositing – Darren | Steph |
Animation – Darren | Rich B |