Watkins endless pools

(Design - Image)

Project Information

A series of alternative lifestyle CG images for Watkins Wellness’ new Endless Pools range.

What We Were Asked To Do

Create marketing images in a variety of different outdoor scenarios to promote a tranquil lifestyle to their many consumer types. We also had to show seasonality, not just summer environments.

What We Did

Working in collaboration with our US partners; The Shadowlight Group, we researched many possible outdoor and location scenes then whittled them down to a select few that would make for unique and memorable images. Relevant Architecture and detailing trends were incorporated to enhance the mass market appeal.
All imagery is fully CG apart from the background images. They incorporate 3D planting including rocks and vegetation which were created in extremely realistic detail by our talented team of artists.

Project Credits

Design – | The Shadowlight Group |
Modelling – | Tobias Grendelmeier | Ben Hall |
Materials – | Tobias Grendelmeier | Ben Hall |
Lighting – | Tobias Grendelmeier |
Retouching – | Matt Fell | Stephanie Sulinski |