Starplan TV Adverts


Project Information

For our latest TV advert with Starplan both us and the client wanted to go for total photorealism and build on the Robot theme developed in previous ads.

What We Were Asked To Do

Create a right good animation.

What We Did

We wanted to develop the Robot element into a character synonymous with the values of Starplan who they could then use as a mascot for the company. We gave him some humorous actions then wrote the script to match.
Everything was art directed, scripted, designed, modelled, lit and animated by us.

Project Credits

Concept > Pikcells |
Character design > Jane Carver | Richard Ip |
Styling > Bev Gothard |
Modelling > Martins Zeme | Richard Ip | Jane Carver | Mark hunter | James Budge | Nick Smith | James Budge |
Materials / Texturing > Martins Zeme | James Budge |
Lighting > Ciprian Pal |
Editing > Dean Punchard |
Compositing > Dean Punchard |Matt Fell | Nick Smith |
3D Animation > Marnix Reckman | Dean Punchard | Jane Carver |

Design & Development