St Catherine's Walk


Project Information

St Catherine’s Walk is a large retail complex in Carmarthen, South Wales.

What We Were Asked To Do

Because of the difficult market conditions at the time, Simon’s Developments needed a different type of marketing animation which would communicate a large amount of information coherently whilst still being unique and eye catching.

What We Did

As the target audience were major department stores and chains looking for new site opportunities, a concept was developed around the typical thought processes behind these kind of decisions, the trusty brainstorm on a white board! Something easy to relate to with the added bonus that you can display a large quantity of information effectively.
The film was then put together using a mix of motion graphics and computer generated 3D animation. Custom sound FX and music were created and tuned on top to tie it all together.

Project Credits

Concept > Pikcells |
Modelling > Dean Punchard |
Materials / Texturing > Dean Punchard |
Lighting > Richard Benson |
Compositing > Richard Benson |
2D Animation > Adam Jones |
3D Animation > Dean Punchard |
Music / Sound FX > Tim Reilly |