Shaws flooring VR


Project Information

An interactive VR experience for Shaws customers to explore various rooms in a bespoke CG home using 360 panoramic webGL technology.

What We Were Asked To Do

Create an interactive experience which will showcase Shaws flooring products in an engaging format. The application needs to work on their website, mobiles, tablets but also at trade shows.

What We Did

Working alongside The Shadowlight Group we designed and created a CG house with various rooms that a potential Shaws customer could explore. The house had a kitchen, livingroom, dining room, bathroom, bedroom and media room, each one produced to a photo realistic quality with the Shaws flooring products clearly visible.
We created 360 degree CG images of each space and coded them together into a lightweight and multi platform webGL application. There were 2 modes, desktop and VR. To navigate around in VR mode the user could stare at a button for more than 2 seconds to load the room.
This tool would be presented to trade show customers as a VR tool they can activate from their phones but can also take home with them a low cost google cardboard product, branded with the Shaws Flooring logo.

Project Credits

Interior design – Shadowlight |
Modelling – Darren |
Materials – Darren |
Lighting – Rich Benson |
Compositing – Rich Benson |
Programming – George | Pete |