Scandanavian Stairs


Project Information

This was a great project to be involved in. Beautiful fresh scandanvian inspired interiors have been used to display the stairs in various forms.

What We Were Asked To Do

Working closely with design agency Elle Melle, we had to take their exquisite interior designs and bring them to life in CG. We also had to create a Scandinavian atmosphere, so we also looked closely at lighting which had to be very soft and neutral with few specular reflections so that everything looked dry and crisp.

What We Did

A huge amount of time was spent creating the furniture and accessories from scratch. About 5% were bought from umolab and Turbosquid, the rest were created from scratch.

Scandanavian stairs On Behance
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Project Credits

Design > Client | Ciprian Pal |
Modelling > Martins Zeme | Richard Ip | Ciprian Pal | Jane Carver | Anthony Fraine | Tanya Bailey | Nick Smith | Tobias Grendelmeier | Mark Hunter |
Materials / textures > Ciprian Pal | Martins Zeme |
Lighting > Ciprian Pal |
Photogrpahy > Matt Fell | Steph Sulinski |
Compositing > Matt Fell | Ciprian Pal | Richard Benson |

Design & Development