Panoramic CG kitchen visualiser


Project Information

A kitchen styling tool like no other. This one allows the customer full 360 viewing capability along with the ability to customise and combine Wren kitchens full range of doors, colours, worktops, splashbacks and handles.

Try the visuliser on the Wren Kitchens website.

What We Were Asked To Do

Update the existing kitchen visualizer tool with the expanded kitchen range but also address the issues with these styling tools; restricted views of worktops and small details, lack of interactivity and limited sharing options.

What We Did

We had been developing some similar panoramic tools in our R&D department so first off we created a working proof of concept to illustrate the benefits of switching to this new system.
After the concept was approved we begin engineering a very quick and lightweight solution that would work seamlessly with the large user numbers anticipated.
Finally we created all the CG rendered images, each part colour balanced and checked, then compiled them into the interface designs provided by Tribal.
The resulting tool features millions of possible combinations and provides a quick and engaging way for customers to run through options.

Project Credits

ConceptĀ  – Pikcells
UI Design – Tribal
CGI – Pikcells
UI Development – Pikcells
Back end dev – Pikcells