Macaroon kitchen CGIs

(Design - Image)

Project Information

12 freshly designed and styled kitchen spaces for Wrens new colour range.

What We Were Asked To Do

Always looking to keep their range fresh, our client [Wren] wanted to create some beautiful, chic, Parisian inspired kitchen spaces for their new range of pastel colours.

What We Did

The images are the result of a few months design and production from our team. As ever we cram an awful lot of detail into each image, building furniture and textures from scratch while also looking to keep the styling unique and on trend.

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Project Credits

Interior Design & Styling – Tanya |
Modelling – Rich Ip | Darren | Ben | Jon | Jordan |
Materials / textures – Rich Ip | Darren | Ben | Jordan | Jon |
Lighting – Rich B |
Compositing – Rich B | Steph |