LB Kitchens

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Project Information

The LB kitchens collection is a high end range of kitchens targeted at the design conscious consumer. A selection of 40 beautiful painted door colours are available aswell as a dozen door styles.

What We Were Asked To Do

We were tasked with designing the kitchens and spaces as well as styling and CGI production. We had to create a unique style and look for the whole range which could be carried through to future ranges.

What We Did

We created a series of exclusive spaces which would appeal to the affluent design conscious target market. We were careful to communicate certain qualities throughout such as period architraves and window frames. We also kept the lighting to natural neutral light as larger houses would have more space and therefore usually more windows.
After designing the spaces and kitchen layouts, our design team then selected suitable furnishings and colour schemes to enhance each range. Lots of bespoke models and textures were created to populate the spaces, modelled in very high detail to ensure each image looked convincingly realistic.
The resulting images were then placed into a stunning brochure designed by As well as assisting in a surge of sales for Wren, the images have been met with lots of praise and featured in numerous design blogs.

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Project Credits

Design > Tanya Bailey | Richard Benson | Stephanie Sulinski |
Modelling > Martins Zeme | Tobias Grendelmeier | Richard ip | Jane Carver | Tanya Bailey | Mark Hunter |
Materials / textures > Tobias Grendelmeier | Martins Zeme | RIchard ip |
Lighting > Richard Benson |
Photogrpahy > Stephanie Sulinski |
Compositing > Richard Benson | Stephanie Sulinski |

Design & Development