LG Appliance Configurator


Project Information

An online configurator tool for LG appliances. http://www.lgstudio.com/virtual-designer.html

What We Were Asked To Do

Use the LG teams UI designs to create and build an interactive online tool. The tool should allow customers to visualise what an LG appliance would look like in their home. They should be able to compare different types of appliance and zoom into them to see the details via some kind of animated sequence.

What We Did

Designed and built 3 unique CG room sets for Classic, Contemporary and Modern farmhouse styles.
Built 48 highly detailed 3D appliance models.
Rendered 74 different animated sequences.
573 rendered configurable image elements.
HTML 5 and Javascript fully responsive front end.
Single application for desktop and mobile devices.
14,581,292 possible combinations available to the user!

Project Credits

UI – Client
CG – Pikcells
Application develeopment – Pikcells