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Project Information

Kronospan are launching a new external cladding range and needed some unique and bespoke architectural images to assist their marketing campaign.

What We Were Asked To Do

Show the product is all weather and can function in different locations and scenarios. Create 3 unique examples of current architecture for the cladding products to be used on, these should cover the residential, commercial and public sectors.

What We Did

As always we started by researching current architectural trends in each sector to see which shapes and layouts would lend themselves well to showing off cladding products. Then we started to design and detail each building, being careful to make sure they were plausible as real buildings.
To ensure ultimate realism, every detail was created in CG down to blades of grass and leaves on the floor.
The lighting was designed to cover some common scenarios; rain, fog, sun, cloud.

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Project Credits

Design > Tanya Bailey | Richard Benson | Andy Charlton |
Modelling > Martins Zeme | Richard ip |
Materials / textures > Martins Zeme | Richard ip |
Lighting > Andy Charlton |
Post production > Andy Charlton |

Design & Development