Fresh 2

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Project Information

We recently completed this set of images for Kronospan, the worlds largest manufacturer of wood panels. They wanted to make a statement about their innovations when developing new products. This called for some cutting edge unique looking imagery which push the boundaries of modern furniture design.

What We Were Asked To Do

Create a series of spaces which capture the essence of the following trends;
Rough Sawn, Linear, Coastal, Vintage, Something else
The spaces should be conceptual and inspiring so as to capture the imaginations of architects and designers who are looking for ideas and applications.

What We Did

We teamed up with fellow designer Aidan Nolan to design everything from the ground up. We created all the main furniture and sets from scratch, developing them around the 5 trends of Linear, Classic, Coastal, Vintage and Rough Sawn which were laid out by our client. Each one represented the various new finishes of the “Fresh 2” collection.
This project really highlights what we can do with an open brief. The team really worked hard to pull this off and keep pushing the designs to make something special and we are all well chuffed with the result.

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Project Credits

Design > Aidan Nolan | Richard Benson | Ciprian pal |
Modelling > Richard Ip | Mark Hunter | James Budge | Dean Punchard | Jane Carver |
Materials / textures > Ciprian Pal | Dean Punchard | Mark Hunter |
Lighting > Ciprian Pal |
Compositing > Ciprian Pal | Richard Benson | Matt Fell |

Design & Development