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Project Information

We are very pleased to be given the opportunity to again go a bit wild and create some unique and cutting edge designs for Kronospan and their Fresh project. All furniture and sets were created completely from scratch with a little help from our friends AND Studio.

What We Were Asked To Do

Create some stunning conceptual spaces to communicate the latest trends to the target audience of architects and designers.

What We Did

As previously we were provided with some trend information then unleashed to come up with some designs which reflected each theme. This years were Visionnaire, Industrialism, Sentiment and Bohemian Chic.
We enjoy trying to find new kitchen shapes and designs and think the visionnaire and industrialism sets show some cool new ideas for door and drawer arrangements. If you have the room and budget, why not try a suspended kitchen hanging from cables this year?
Inspiration also comes from emerging trends for geometric shapes and forms and this theme was incorporated throughout.

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Project Credits

Design > AND Studio | Richard Benson | Nick Smith |
Modelling > Richard Ip | Mark Hunter | James Budge | Jane Carver | Nick Smith |
Materials / textures > Mark Hunter | Nick Smith | Richard Ip |
Lighting > Nick Smith |
Compositing > Matt Fell | Nick Smith |

Design & Development