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Project Information

Falco are a supplier of wood panels throughout Europe and want to update their current catalog images to feature their new collection while also re-positioning their brand to appeal to a more design focused clientele.

What We Were Asked To Do

The images for this brochure are to be contemporary not conceptual and should provide a unique and recognizable presence that distinguishes them from the competition.
The essence of the imagery is leading edge design and execution using smaller well defined contemporary spaces.
Further inspiration [although many examples are on a larger scale] can be taken from some of the following high end furniture design houses:-
B&B Italia;
5 room settings with 1 main angle for each [small scale and close in]
4 cameos for each of the above [20 total].

What We Did

After researching the type of style requested, we identified some characteristics we would assign to the project, these were
– Close in composition so that the materials shine through
– Soft contrasted lighting
– Almost all surfaces area covered in a texture
Working with Falco we picked out some colour and texture combinations for each of the 5 spaces.

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Project Credits

Design > Stephanie Sulinski | Stefanie Zweifel |
Modelling > Tobias Grendelmeier | Richard Ip | Jane Carver | Martins Zeme |
Cloth simulation > Jane Carver | Martins Zeme |
Materials / textures > Tobias Grendelmeier | Martins Zeme |
Lighting > Richard Benson | Tobias Grendelmeier |
Photography > Stephanie Sulinski |
Compositing > Richard Benson | Stephanie Sulinski | Tobias Grendelmeier |

Design & Development