Cordy House


Project Information

Cordy House is an exclusive development in Shoreditch, London catering for the affluent city slicker. The site has a long heritage in the area and used to be home to part of the burgeoning creative scene. Existing murals and graffiti were retained throughout. The new building carries on this heritage through its architectural design and use of space.

What We Were Asked To Do

There are apartments and offices, each with the highest standards of design and finishing, so suite this popular area and continue the theme of the branding, we were tasksed with creating images which would encapsulate the feel and vibrancy of the area.

What We Did

We focused on the existing and emerging trends associated with this part of London and merged them with existing interior finishes schedule.

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Project Credits

Design > Tanya Bailey | Client |
Modelling > Tobias Grendelmeier | Mark Hunter | Andy Charlton |
Materials / textures > Tobias Grendelmeier | Mark Hunter | Andy Charlton |
Lighting > Rich Benson | Andy Charlton |
Photography > Steph Sulinski | Charlie Birchmore |
Compositing > Rich Benson | Andy Charlton |

Design & Development