Christmas kitchens 2017

(Design - Image)

Project Information

Last years Christmas CG images went down so well that we created 2 sets this year.

What We Were Asked To Do

Create a modern and traditional kitchen space with a Christmas vibe. Both should exemplify the years trends.

What We Did

Our Senior Designer Tan designed and styled two beautiful kitchen spaces which we proceeded to detail up in full CG. Usually there is a bit of photography in our images but these are 100% computer generated.
The team used Photogrammetry techniques to create some really nice food models. Read more here
We even went to the extent of adding frosting to the window panes for that crisp cold feeling.

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Project Credits

Design – Tanya |
Modelling – Rich Ip | Darren | Ben | Jon |
Photogrammetry – Jordan |
Materials / textures – Rich Ip | Darren | Ben | Jordan | Jon |
Lighting – Rich B |
Compositing – Rich B | Steph |

Design & Development