Big book of kitchens

(Design - Image - Motion)

Project Information

Our latest update to the Wren big book of kitchens.

What We Were Asked To Do

Create a series of on trend and well designed kitchen spaces covering new and existing ranges. The interior designs and layouts must be a mix of aspirational and attainable to satisfy Wrens broad customer base.

What We Did

As always we start by thoroughly analyzing and researching current and emerging trends in kitchen design, interior design, fashion and architecture. We then set about designing original spaces and layout for each customer type and price point.
The result was well over 100 CG images, featuring around 25 unique CG room sets all beautifully detailed and embellished with food and flower photography.

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Project Credits

Design – Tanya |
Modelling – Rich Ip | Darren | Ben | Jon | Jordan |
Photogrammetry – Jordan |
Materials / textures – Rich Ip | Darren | Ben | Jordan | Jon |
Lighting – Rich B |
Compositing – Rich B | Steph |