Bathrooms Brochure CGI

(Design - Image)

Project Information

35 individually styled room set images to launch a new bathroom cgi brochure.

What We Were Asked To Do

Create aspirational yet attainable spaces which will appeal to the mainstream audience while positioning the Wren brand at the top end of the market.

What We Did

We started by creating detailed trend analysis documents to establish what was popular and what will be popular over the coming months.
Once we had a good idea of the different styling trends emerging we combined this information with the emerging design trends and set about creating simple spaces which would lend themselves well to bathrooms. We then created detailed styling and layout designs relevant to the different ranges and their price brackets.
The modelling team then took these designs and meticulously carved them out in 3D.

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Project Credits

Design > Tanya Bailey |
Modelling > Jane Carver | Jon Peake | Richard Ip | Oleg Budeanu | Martins Zeme |
Materials / textures > Jane Carver | Richard Ip | Jon Peake | Martins Zeme |
Lighting > Richard Benson | Steph Sulinski |
Photography > Steph Sulinski |
Compositing > Richard Benson | Steph Sulinski |