VRay Scans


When working with interior design companies and furniture manufactures, reproducing an accurate representation of their product(s) is paramount. The fabric samples below were provided for a project and needed to be reproduced in CG.

We were exploring methods to reduce time, human error and subjectivity from our production pipeline when recreating client’s fabrics into CGI materials. As a means of addressing this, we experimented with using the VRScans scanning service. The team at Chaos group were extremely helpful and scanned a few test samples for us, below are the images sent by Chaos Group.

We found that VRScans offers highly realistic results in some cases. However, the limitations on sample scanning (maximum size 400 x 300mm) meant that when applied to larger surfaces there was some very noticeable tiling issues with certain fabric types.

We could see that VRScans gives some amazing results for smaller props and specific material types, but for our purposes and the cost of having each scan produced it wasn’t a feasible solution. When we last spoke with the VRScans team, it sounded as though they were working on a software solution to this problem so we may review VRScans in the future.
In the end we created the fabrics the old fashioned way.