Partnered with Shadowlight


Pikcells Limited announced they have joined forces with well established US Photographic studio, The Shadowlight Group, to create the newly formed joint venture, Shadowlight CGI. The partnership has been setup to satisfy the growing demand for CGI [Computer generated imagery] in the American Home furnishings market [Which includes kitchens, bathrooms, appliances, windows, doors, flooring].
The pair first starting discussions about 18 months ago, and although the newly formed partnership was only recently created, it has been quickly gathering steam. Current clients include some of the US markets top companies such as Masterbrands, Masco, Delta Faucet, Moen, Electrolux, and Armstrong flooring.
“We’ve worked extremely hard over the last 18 months to establish a productive system and harvest SLGs existing client base and its been very successful, these companies have been quick to adopt this new way of doing things and have eagerly embraced the various applications for the technology.” Said Pikcells Sales & Marketing Director, Stephen Mooney.
All of the production will be done in the head office in Huddersfield while a team is built up Stateside. Pikcells plan to more than double their workforce over the next 2-3 years to cope with demand.
“Our strategy over the last few years has been to really push our quality and efficiency, so when SLG got in touch as a result of this we were delighted.” Said Mr Mooney. “It’s particularly good for the UK, in particular the North, as we seem to be leading the way in this kind of high end photorealistic CGI”.
Shadowlight is based in Leola, Pennsylvania and employ 50 people. They provide photography and video services to the home interior market in the US for the likes of Masterbrands and Masco, 2 of the biggest cabinet makers in the US.
“We started reaching out for a partner in 2012 but couldn’t find anyone in the US capable of hitting the required quality while also having the resources to take on large projects.” Said Philip Hiestand, President of SLG. “We could see this was the way things were going so it was important for us to get in there quickly with a market leading supplier of CGI, eventually we found Pikcells who have an outstanding portfolio of work and a great reputation which really appealed to us.”
Hiestand says the move has been driven by ‘clients wanting better value for money without sacrificing quality’ “When photography and CGI work side by side the results are outstanding” added Hiestand, “We have been able to utilise the best of both worlds to create some superb work, when also combined with the interactive skills that Pikcells have, we can offer our clients a much improved service and strategic advantage.”
Examples of work produced by the partnership so far: