Christmas party in Edinburgh


After Amsterdamage last Christmas we felt we should calm things down a bit so headed to Edinburgh for a day and a night.
We arrived about 11am and checked into the awesome Stay Central Hotel which is a totally cool design focused place adjacent to the Three Sisters Pub, all in all its a brilliant place to stay for young go getters like us who like to enjoy our selves but still have some luxury’s. We then grabbed some lunch in the grassmarket at Steak & Mussells and headed off on a cultural adventure soaking up the history and architecture……..15 minutes later the plan had changed somewhat and it soon turned into a superb pub crawl around the town. After returning to the hotel to powder our noses we headed to our food emporium for the evening, Blonde Restaurant and enjoyed some great European / Scottish cuisine while drying our socks on the radiators [It rained a lot].
We then headed to the Stand Comedy Club where it turned out we had booked tickets for Newcastle, not Edinburgh………balls! After a rather depressing hour at the Christmas market we headed to the second best comedy club back at the grassmarket, Beehive Comedy Club. It says something about the quality of this comedy that 12 people were able to walk straight in half way through and still get seats, but regardless we had fun with the highlight being Martins up on stage getting dragged around and dressed up by the comedian.
Many bars later the last people rolled into bed about 6am. Great night, terrible morning after, some pics here, more to be added.