Job applications guidelines


Here are a collection of pointers to make sure you consider when applying for Digital Artist positions. Not all CG Visualisation companies are looking for the same things, but these are the things we look for;

1. Importance

Here is a list, in order of importance, of the things we are looking for;

  • Quality
  • Skills
  • Character
  • Experience
  • Education

We have found that it really doesn’t matter if you have a degree in a 3D course, if your work is fantastic [Our definition of fantastic to follow] and your a team player, then that’s really all that matters to us.

2. Presentation

Most people send an A4 CV as a pdf and no images, then a bit of text in the email body and a separate pdf with some images on. If you haven’t got an online portfolio in this day and age then it’s not good enough. All these sites allow you to set something up for nothing;

Attaching PDFs take up too much file space and are clunky. Also sometimes we go back through applications years after they were submitted and if you sent a pdf then its out of date at this point and if you didn’t include a web link then there is no chance we will find you.

Also just show your good stuff on the site, quality not quantity. Its pointless showing work from when you first started 3D as it dilutes the impact of the rest of the content.

If you are coming to arch viz from games or vfx or architecture then you need to put some hours in and add a nice exterior and interior shot to your portfolio to show that you can actually make the transition.

3. Introduction

Write a nice intro in your email, not just “See attached” it’s rude and it looks like spam and we just delete these. You’ve got minimal time to impress so make each sentence count.

4. Following up

Don’t expect a reply. By all means follow up with an email to check we got it but we get lots of applications and don’t have time to reply to everyone.


Hope this helps, any questions just email jobs[at]